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Programming Resources #2

Hello hello! Welcome back to another Programming Resources entry. 

This week I continue with a bit of a graphics programming theme. However, for those of you not interested in graphics programming, you’ll still find a very cool website that shows how video games get shown on-screen. Let’s start with that, actually:

  • Adrian Courreges: I love this site. Adrian is an incredibly smart software engineer who is amazing when it comes to real-time rendering. On his website he has graphics studies for some AAA games. You’ll see how frames in the game are broken down and what techniques are used. Like I said this is one of my favorite sites and a great way to see how modern video games are being rendered. 
  •  In One Weekend: Ray tracing is a rendering technique, an algorithm, that traces the path of light and simulates the way it interacts with objects. It’s quite computationally expensive for real-time graphics, but something we’ll be seeing in our video games in the not-too-distant future. The In One Weekend books show you how to write your own ray tracer from scratch. It’s not real-time rendering, but it helps understand concepts, techniques, and the logic behind showing computer graphics that mimic the real world. 
  • The Graphics Codex: I’ll keep this one simple. If you’re interested in graphics programming this is an essential resource for you. Available on Amazon as a web book, or on iOS and Android as an app, be sure to check this one out!
  •  CG Masters: I’ve been talking about computer graphics and sharing some wonderful resources with you, but what if you actually want to create and animate your own 3D models? Look no further than CG Masters, a wonderful website with tutorials and courses on Blender. 
  • CG Cookie:  If you are looking at more than 3D with Blender, CG cookie has you covered. You can learn 3D modeling, texturing, and animation, concept art, game development with Unity, and even clay sculpting! They have a very affordable subscription model and tons of content for you to enjoy. 

I hope you you enjoy this week’s resources. Leave suggestions of themes you’d like to see in the future or your favorite programming resources in the comment section below.  

As always, thanks for reading and until next time! :) 

Pinkterview: Matthijs Hollemans

Pinkterview: Tammy Coron