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Pinkterview: Tammy Coron

Hello hello! Welcome back to another Pinkterview.

This week I talk to my friend Tammy Coron. Tammy is an incredibly talented author, artist, developer, podcaster, and creative person. 

For those who may not know you, could you tell us who Tammy Coron is?

Ha! That’s the million dollar question now, isn’t it?
I suppose I’m a slightly crazy, hat-wearin’, zombie-lovin’, whiskey-drinkin’ creative who likes to learn, teach, and share life experiences.

You are quite talented and interested in many things like music, programming, art, teaching, and writing. Where do you think that creativity comes from?

Thank you. 

I come from a creative family, so it’s not surprising that I’m also creative. My mind never stops, to be honest. It’s funny, if I didn’t create, I’d probably go nuts.

Which of those activities do you enjoy the most?

It’s difficult to say, really. I suppose it depends on my mood. There are days when all I want to do is draw. Then, I have other days where even looking at a pencil makes me gag.

Ok, I know… I’m going to cheat. The activity I enjoy most is creating. How’s that? :}

When did you get started with art and programming?

I got started with art and programming when I was a kid. 

My first program was written in Basic on a TRS-80 III computer. It was a horrible text adventure game, but it was a lot of fun learning how to get the computer to do things, especially based on user input.

As for the art stuff… I’m not sure when or how that started. My mother is an artist, so I’m sure she influenced that part of my life.

You are incredibly talented as an artist. What advice would you give to readers looking to start with drawing?

Thanks again! 

The best advice I can give is to keep at it and not let your inner critic stop you. Also, take time to study other artists you like. Take a look at what they’re doing. If they have tutorials, watch them. Learn from the people you admire.

What apps and software can you share with us that could help aspiring artists?

I don’t think we’d have enough time to discuss everything! =}

However, my personal favorite is Clip Studio Paint EX. It’s available for most platforms, like Windows, Mac, and even iOS. Sorry, folks, no Android version.

What about your podcast, Roundabout: Creative Chaos. Can you tell us more about it?

Roundabout: Creative Chaos focuses on creativity. We talk with people who enjoy sharing their creative process and their stories. Our hope is that we can help others gain the confidence and insight they need in order to achieve their own personal goals and creative potential.

Where can readers follow you and your work?

Best place to find me is at

The End

And with that, this week’s Pinkterview is done. What about you? Do you like art, do you consider yourself a creative person?

Leave your questions and feedback in the comments below. Ohh, and be sure to subscribe to Tammy’s podcast, it’s really fun!

As always, thanks for reading and until next time! :]

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