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Why I Switched to Squarespace

Blogging is something I always want to do more of, but end up putting off until it’s been months between posts.

One of my goals for a blog setup has always been to allow me to create and manage content all from my iOS devices, and not just from a computer.

My previous setup with Jekyll and GitHub Pages kinda did that, but it still required that I ran Jekyll on my home server and then VPN into my home network to access it via SSH with an app like Prompt for iOS. While Jekyll is very flexible, customizing stuff still meant I had to tweak Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, or CSS files. Sure, I had access to a ton of free themes, plugins, tutorials, and content, but it took time to do that instead of me just creating content for my site!

I’ve also tried WordPress in the past. Setup is mostly a one-click affair on many shared hosting sites, and the amount of free and paid content is simply amazing! Having said that, my goal again is to blog and not spend a ton of time dealing with my obsessive compulsive self trying to make everything look perfect.

Enter Squarespace. Squarespace had been on my radar for a very long time, it was just a matter of realizing I was focusing more on customizing tools than on creating content. I tried Squarespace’s free trial period——highly recommend it as it’s totally free and requires no credit card——and haven’t looked back since.

For a very affordable monthly price I have professionally designed and maintained themes, automatic performance scaling, security, visual designer for customizing my site and theme, native iOS apps, integrations with social networks, Apple News support, and more!

If you’d like to know more technical or specific details about Squarespace feel free to ask in the comments below. What about you, what are your favorite blogging and web creation tools? What’s your website’s setup and workflow like?

Pinkterview: Bruce Smith

Pinkterview: Bruce Smith

Pinkterview: Ray Wenderlich