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The Pink Programmer

Welcome to my new home.

I believe writing is a great way to reinforce something you’ve learned, and also a great way to share what you've learned with others.

Never have I really put in the effort to blog regularly or to produce interesting content for others. I'm hoping that can change. The content I'll be focusing on will be related to software development, art, design, game and graphics programming, and the tech industry.

Whether they are interviews, tutorials, resources, or cool music I discover or think you might enjoy, I want to share and do a brain dump of my thoughts, achievements, knowledge, and dreams.

Why use The Pink Programmer moniker? For starters, pink has long been my favorite color. I've also already been using it in bios and descriptions online for quite some time. While I like my name, I don't think it's easy to spell or remember, specially in the form of a URL. The Pink Programmer, on the other hand, is not only easy to remember but also catchy.

I hope you join me and enjoy the content I publish. Please feel free to reach from the Contact page, or using the comments within each blog post.

Welcome again and thanks for reading, Felipe :)

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