Felipe Laso-Marsetti


I'm Felipe Laso-Marsetti, and I'm a programmer. I live in Quito, Ecuador, with my wife Nathalie.

You can contact me, if you like, using one of the sites below:
* Twitter: @iFeliLM
* Facebook: iFeliLM
* LinkedIn: FelipeLM

I work full-time as a Technical Lead at Lextech Global Services. I'm also a writer and author for Ray Wenderlich, and a tech reviewer for Apress.

In the past I was the author and instructor of an iOS video tutorial course for Pearson, I was an Adjunct Professor at NIU, and I was also a software engineer for local and foreign companies, and clients.

In 2013 I received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for helping the Universal Kidney Foundation with the development of a custom iOS app for patients.

You can find some of my source code on GitHub.

In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, watching sports, reading biographies and programming books, learning new programming languages and frameworks, reading and learning about graphics programming, playing the violin or guitar, and cooking.